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I'm back at MCAD for the remainder of my schoolin', so if things were pretty slow before, they're probably not going to improve. I'm still making things, and I'll still pop in from time to time to share them.

I'm also in a bit of a muck with my work in general, which has just been flip-flopping around like crazy for... forever. So I'm trying things and seeing what sticks, what doesn't, etc., this is how it works I s'ppose.

Basically, I'm just super sorry it's been so dead. = =
Well there goes A-kon 20-something! Thanks so much everybody who braved the heat of the alley to come by, and oh my GOD was it hot. I could only dress up one day it was so bad!

Also, I'm sorry to pretty much everybody who told me I was hard to find. I'm going to change my studio name back to Shirotsuki. Studio Birdseed really does sound like some kind of.. stationary thing.. like.. cute little paper with birds on it and shells and whatever. I guess I thought it sounded more professional than my weird fan-digimon name or whatever, but I have come to realize that it's sounds like it should smell like grandma soap.

I still managed to meet a bunch of you and catch up with just about everybody though, so I'm not about to say that anything turned out super bad : D. We also got to be by our friends Shelly and Kat at the jewellery stand, and Dusty with Scuttlebutt ink. It was amazing getting to hang out all weekend you guys!

So thanks for stopping by all! I had such a blast! Thanks especially to Inuyatta for bringing my sister and I a whole amazing meal on Saturday, you probably saved our lives and I'm not being weird and dramatic when I say that. It was delicious! And thanks to my friend for bringing by the muffins, although you ninja'd off before I could say thanks at the show! Sorry it got so busy, I have a hard time dividing my attention, especially at shows where I don't have help.. it gets pretty rough. Also, thanks to Sunny for the amazing stuffed aminal! He is so cute I can hardly deal. My little sister keeps stealing it from me, catlike, although without the whole problem of it showing up dismembered outside my door the next day. Thank god!

Lastly, ONE OF YOU GOT ME SICK. Who was it?! Seriously, I'm pretty sure you have ebola. I haven't been sick-sick in like a decade, my immune system is a volatile thing possibly made of acid, barbed wire, and hate for anything not my own blood and body parts. So, whoever you are, get to a doctor.

Next show will be Animinneapolis, much too soon for comfort in fact! See you there! Meanwhile, time to catch up on messages that got buried under A-kon prep and recovery uuuuuuuu....
Doing the artist alley thing at A-kon next week again, this time with the help of my lovely little sister. We are going to be doing some Homestuck cosplay. She will be Nepeta, and I am excited about this, because I get to do her maaaaake-uuuuuup.... few things get me excited more than extreme costume make-up. Meanwhile, I am currently sewing gross amounts of yaller lace to my poofy Jane? prospit dress.

I am going to be a fairy goddamn princess.

Seriously though, we hope you come by and say hello. We're loud and friendly types. I won't be able to wander much if at all, but if you come by island F table 26, you will be at Studio Birdseed. Or just look for the table with like seventy million freaking buttons of stuff.

: |

*suddenly awkward*

YUP bye now

*tumbles away to do combat with the sewing machine*
A conventions update! Also, I forgot it was Friday. But that has nothing to do with anything at all, except maybe that the day of colorful explosions and noise is tomorrow?! AAAAAAAHhm so excited for everything. There will be friends and fireworks and excellent food. Mama made gumbo. It's soup with legs!!


Anyway, I'm really just here to announce a new convention on my 2012 schedule. I'll see you at Animinneapolis (again) if you're going! So far, Anime Detour (another Minneapolis show) is the only other confirmed-totally going-show. I'm still going to be trying for A-kon (TX), Anime Next (NJ), Mecha Con (hither), and Anime USA (yonder). I'll update as things happen on that front, but, for now, I'm going to continue to jitter about New Years.

Omg New Years.

*jitter* : D
Holy Christmassy Moly! I can't believe it's already the time of year, and there's so much still to do. First of all, HI EVERBODEH. And sorry for disappearing again, I got kidnapped by a variety of flying metal tubes and shipped all over the United States like a girl with way too many carry-ons. They weighed. So. Much. Pretty sure my arms are like a million feet longer now. I can pet the cat from where I am sitting, and she is all the way across the neighborhood. Thanks, baggage fees, this is all I wanted for Christmas, and TOTALLY NOT MY TWO FRONT TEETH...

Wow mega ramble.

So here goes the mad rush to get caught up with everything. I have some updates on things!

Commissions: yeah remember that?
Well I do. I am doing something for everybody who's been on my waiting list for 300 years while I pile away on freelance stuff, because I feel like a buttonhole for being so slow. I've got to finish up Christmas Presents, and then I'm embarking on the aforementioned rampant sketch charity, assuming my hands don't fall off in the process, and there's always glue for that. I just want to thank everybody for their insane amounts of patience > <;;;.

Conventions! Oh god..
All the conventions this year are done, and OH MY GOLLY, here comes a new year. What's with that?! I'm looking at going back to school in the Fall, but for Spring and Summer here's the general plan so far, assuming the gods of Artist's Alley are feeling particularly awesome. The tides of fortune are completely retarded when it comes to getting a table sometimes.

Anime Detour: Confirmed!!!!!1 *Hi fives Minneapolis*
A-kon: asdfk *sound of pounding head into keyboard*
Anime Next: Pending
Mecha Con: Pending
Anime USA: Pending, but there'll hopefully probably be art anyway

Etsy store:
I'm actually working on an Etsy store to sell prints and stuff on the Internets, since my Con circuit is both short and unpredictable right now. I was hoping to get it up and rolling for the holidays, but that totally did not happen. More on this soon!

I have a Tumblr now for posting in progress stuff and shenanigans! It's better than the blog because. No, actually it just rolls with the whole not having time for nothing thing really well. And also I can spy on my friends. *spying on them. IN SECRET.*

I think that's all the words today! If I remember stuff, I'll come back. Happy holidays everybody!!
Recently, as in yesterday, I became fed up with my lack of Open Canvas, and decided that my shiny gravity defying Mac can damn well be friends with my old PC, V.  

V stands for VAIO. In its glory days it was never really glorious; see, it was a display model before it was mine. Its touch pad was literally brown with other peoples' finger-smears, its monitor had suffered a minor burn along it's bottom edge --- it had been relatively manhandled. I did not care. My family surprised me with V for me after I thought I'd lost a long battle over whether or not I needed a personal computer for the then brave new world of apartment living in the faraway land of college. I was so thrilled. It was basically my equivalent of "surprise, here's a puppy!!," and I am happy to report that V went on to survive all of the Avalon books, a few years of school, and all of the abuse I could throw at it for several years until it got to be too ... uh... delicate for work. Yes. Delicate is the word I will use!

I got my first real workhorse about a year ago, my first Mac. It was an intoxicating experience. If V could (once) fly into orbit, this one could orbit the solar system. I love everything about my still-shiny but sadly nameless baby, except that it, being a Mac, does not run Open Canvas. I considered it an opportunity to learn new ways of arting in the realm of Photoshop. Meanwhile, V would enjoy a happy, well-earned retirement as my Touhou computer. (Touhou is another thing my Mac will not speak to.)

Many moons later, I am still learning that Photoshop is not Open Canvas. I love Photoshop, don't get me wrong. But I loooove Open Canvas. Together, they form a good team, a sound team. So, *deep breath*, I dug out V.

V whirred, gagged, and sputtered into life. Oh lord. I had forgotten how burnt the monitor had become. In its confusion at its sudden reanimation, it popped out its CD tray and tried to scan itself. Getting it to stop took about 15 minutes. After two rounds of shut downs, it sort of scurried into some assemblance of work-ready, and awaited my command. I plugged in my tablet and opened Photoshop for a start. This took roughly 8 years, so I sat back and grew a beard while I waited. I could hear my Mac laughing in the corner.

V was determined to show it still "had it", though, and it did eventually open Photoshop 7. And Open Canvas! At the same time, just like old times! And hey, after a while, it even ran them without making my tablet stutter! I thought well, this could work. The Mac can shove the mega-ton memory-eater Photoshop around, and V can do the tinkering in Open Canvas. Perhaps this was committing some kind of technological taboo, but what the hell! It could work, and it would work.

And then V started to smell. Bad.

My laptop smelled! I thought oh, it's full of dust! It did sort of smell like concentrated dust, and fire. I've dusted it, and it still smells, so I think it needs to be dusted more. However, logic has slowly dissolved in a corrosive slime of cold, hard, terrifying reality: V has become a zombie.

I shouldn't be surprised. My laptop had been called back from the grave. In fact, I don't know why I didn't recognize the signs before! Sluggish, jerky behavior; discoloration; smell; yes! It all makes sense. My computer is the undead. I am especially sensitive to zombies, but seeings how this is an Open Canvas zombie, I have decided we can be friends so long as it doesn't try to eat my Mac.

In other news, I'm thinking of picking up watercolor again.
Well there you have it. I am not in Minnesota. As for how long this remains the case, I am not sure. At the very least, I'm in Oklahoma until the Spring semester, but it's possible I may be out until Fall while I ... work .__.

It didn't really start out that way. This was the epic summer of "everything sucks except all of the things that didn't, which were thankfully plentiful." It all began when I flew up to attend Animinneapolis, and discovered my beautiful new apartment was FULL OF THE MOLD. And from there it proceeded to tumble to pieces, and rearrange itself into a strange configuration that I am new to. Long story short, I've taken a bad deal and turned it into a (hopefully) happily productive one.

Which is good! Just.. different.. and although it isn't anymore, it still feels weird and sudden. I feel like I'm not where I should be. *proceeds to emit high-pitched noise, ala simple dog.*

Anyway, got lots going on still. Most of it can't really be posted here, as usual, but I will at least be here from time to time to see how everybody's doin'. Sometimes I'll have art! I hope anyway. My portfolio would like that very much : ||
This Summer is full of all kinds of things and arts and drawings and work and being busy! And... none of it.. I can really.. actually put in my gallery. So... yeah. Hahaha! Uhhhh... hm. Well, I can say I miss that, but I don't want to sound like a whiner. Anyway, I'm not dead, I'm just busy again.

So far, I have been painting backgrounds for an animation, full of trees and shrubs and mountains and grass and rocks and colorful shrubs. On top of that, I am tackling YES... a comic project. Which is a sure sign that my brain has been abducted by aliens, because we all know how that usually turns out. However, I have faith that this time will not only be different, but fantastically so. I'm hoping that at some point, I will be able to share progress on it, because it's going to be a very big undertaking. I'm excited about it so far though. It's kinda steampunky : D

There's another project coming along soon, but I'm not sure if I can talk about it yet so.. we'll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, I just did both Animinneapolis and Tokyo in Tulsa back to back. And can I just say I never want to do that again : D!!! Not the conventions, those were awesome. The two conventions back to back, I mean. That was hard. But yeah, to reiterate, both conventions were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed meeting everybody there. Thanks so much for coming by!!! I'm itching to come up with a few new things to bring to my table for next year, but as it stands my hands are ... full. *headdesk*

So, no updates for another while. sad ;=;. Keep on keepin' on, I suppose. Over and out! *dodge-rolls into the sunset*

Here comes A-kon 22?!

Sat Jun 4, 2011, 8:28 PM

I think if you look directly into the soft underbelly of a cat, you will immediately forget the last three minutes of your life - especially if it had to do with finding and scolding the animal for ruining your life in some way that only cats are capable of.


SO. That's this weekend coming up, in Dallas, holy cow, I'm freaking out a little bit. So many things this year have just kind of suddenly happened. Now it's down to making sure the last of it doesn't mess up... but you know what, if it does, I'll still be there with a pad of paper at the very least. *wildly determined. and nervous.*

It'd be nice if packages could arrive through email!

Anyhow, come and see me on the second floor of the Artist's Alley if you happen to be by! I won't be in costume this time, sadly, no obvious marker there. But if you walk around yelling "SHIRO", I will yell "WHAT" and that's about how that'll go.

This is the way of the future. I'ma go finish on the new stock like a madwoman.


Dishes = complex organism

Thu Mar 24, 2011, 8:07 AM

Every morning you wake up, and find dishes staging a hostile takeover of the kitchen. It's probably your fault, but you have no memory of how this happened. Whatever. Now its your problem. You think oh, I'll do half of them now, work for a while, and come back. What a clever idea! But the dishes are one step ahead of you. Yes, as soon as you turn your back, they begin to divide, multiply, and conquer.

Dishes are deeply territorial. When stranded or threatened with near-confinement among other dishes of various sorts, they become aggressive, and begin trying to out-multiply their competition for survival. Victory, in this case, goes to whatever can take up the most space. Solutions to these infestations are often bothersome and time consuming, as the most popular option of ignoring it completely tends to aggravate it. But dishes can be nice. Dishes facilitate soup, for example. Thus, in order to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with these creatures, It's best to keep them clean and organized by shape, size, and function. This avoids confusion among the colonies, and generally makes life easier.

.....aaaaaaanyway it's been a good week work-wise! But I have to put my Nintendo DS away for a few days so I can focus a little bit better. I've become too ensnared by Pokemon White, and I need to finish the last piece and a half for my Senior Project - Which is gonna be fan freakin' tastic, because then I'll really be able to stay rolling on commissions, and maybe even new art for the con circuit! Wouldn't that be grand?!

Here's the shows it looks like we're doing for sure:
Tokyo in Tulsa
Mecha Con

But yeah, seriously, I love the new Pokemans. I caught a Stunkfish last night and named it Internets.

Commissions list

J-Kalika - Inked, partially colored
Temrin - Completed, soon to be sent
Arielle Hill - inked, ready for color
Laversa - 1 out of 3 inked
quinonesanibal - waiting
SlashKishi - waiting
Tsuki87 - waiting
ilovebluejello - waiting
Kmassop - waiting
Talebringer - waiting
Junglerunner - waiting
CAAAAAAT cat cat cat... *nags* - waiting
Jaimie and Heather - waiting
carnival - waiting


Thanks everyone! ,=,

Thu Mar 17, 2011, 10:19 PM


Okay I've been needing to get this up here, so this journal entry is for posting a nice, visible list of people in line for chibi commissions. Thank you everybody, so much, for your interest so far. It's slow going, still splitting up time between schoolwork and stuff, but seriously, thank you, thank you, thank you. My tablet died tonight, and because of this, I was able to replace it. You all have my eternal gratitude and I swear your chibis will be SPARKLY.

Enough gushing tho ;=;. LIST TIEM.

Deviant ID -  Progress

J-Kalika - Inked, partially colored
Temrin - Completed, soon to be sent
Arielle Hill - partially inked
Laversa - 1 out of 3 inked
quinonesanibal - waiting
SlashKishi - waiting

This list is going to be updated as things continue to roll along. Also, if you need to be removed from the list or want to be added, please note me! And for more info on Chibi Commissions, see…

I'll be uploading the completed chibis together in groups, so as not to overload my gallery with post after post of chibi commissions. So it may be a while before the first batch is up. Everybody will get their artwork as it's finished though, so no worries - that just pertains to how and when they'll be seen here. Because I definitely want to share the arts too : >

Once again, thanks everybody!! <3


Chibi Commissions?

Wed Mar 9, 2011, 2:07 PM



Uh now... that that's out of my system.. Um! Would anybody be interested in chibi arts? I'm looking to start up small commissions (literally) for the time being. With my current time constraints, I could offer small but thoroughly realized pen drawings on bristol paper, and I'll mail them to you. Here's a sample, to get an idea of the style and rendering -

Nel is... by shirotsuki

Price? $25.00 per character, full body, you choose a pose or I'll come up with one.

Add color digitally? - + $15.00

Extra characters? Up to three, can't manage more right now.

Can I just get pencils? Nope. My pencils are hyper rough, I don't think you want them X D;;;

Can I touch your new pen? -  *curls up around it* >: E

Maybe I'm too emotional over art supplies? Maybe. Anyhow, if you're interested, send a note. And thanks!

BACK TO PAINTING. Painting. Forever. I'm painting a snarling cauldron today : D


Hi deviantart ._. ....

Sorry about the complete lack of attention. I'm doing the senior project thing at school, attempting to make an (incredibly overcomplicated) illustration every week. So until the eighth of April, it looks like i'll be about as scatterbrained as it can possibly get.

So here's a happier thing: Convention schedule! It looks like we're definitely doing Tokyo in Tulsa, and Mechacon. I'm working on getting into A-kon as well, but there's always the chance that we might not make it since so many people apply all at once. We've been lucky enough to get in the past few years though, so fingers crossed!

Due to things that I still don't understand, we won't be doing Anime Detour this year. And I'm really, horribly sad about it. But yeah, sent in all the information, but then stopped getting any kind of updates or responses.. so.. there's nothing can be done about it, and better luck next year = =;. Next year will be better anyway, I'll finally be....


I don't expect gobs of free time to rain down from the ceiling when it's over, but goodness knows there'll be more of it than what I've got now. Anyway, over and out, time to get out the pastels and ART!


I may get a twitter.

Sun Jan 23, 2011, 8:48 PM

I've been thinking about it. For the next like... one... million.. weeks.. I will be pretty much working on one huge long assignment for school. This means I probably won't have anything for my gallery in the near future except for crayon drawings i make directly on my scanner bed during bouts of madness. And I thought a more better way to facilitate such behavior would be through spouting nonsense into the internet.


Um, anyway, yes. Actually, lets get a twitter. *goes and gets a twitter*

Okay I did.


Not quite a stand-still i PROMISE....

Sat Nov 20, 2010, 8:45 PM


I swears it.

they're just.. bigger now. And I can't finish them all at once. But once finals are done kicking my butt I'll be back to making art as often as I can, save for a few days when I'm visiting my sister at her school. And her school is very tall, where MCAD is very.. ...... not?

But we still get turkey dinner on Monday night for existing. YAY MCAD! Come to MCAD. Sometimes they give you the opposite of frustration and pain, which is awesome and win. And sleep. The motivator of champions and cats. Speaking of cats, I miss both of mine and intend to hug them until they complain as soon as I see them. Joey will complain first, Sophie will probably just fart and make me drop her. Because she honestly likes hugs.

So, it's just a matter of keeping alive and keeping moving. I also need to start figuring out what I'm going to do with my senior project next semester. I was hoping that by the end of my screenwriting class I'd have a handle on Crow for illustrating, but it didn't work out. See, my logic was, 'captive audience, grade on the line, this will force me to beat it into shape.'. What actually happened was a whole lot of bad. I'd like to pretend it didn't happen, actually.

So... yeah. I don't know yet. It's going to be a great opportunity to finally get to buckle down and churn out a solid collection of art, but it's just the what-about I'm having a hard time with. "Cure getting chased by things" probably won't hold for ten illustrations, nor would it make a good presentation. 'I drew this with my foot' would be unsatisfying. 'giant spider versus robot boyband' would be... amazing.. actually.. but I think part of me is still hoping I can illustrate for one of my not-quite-forgotton projects. Meanwhile the rest of me is saying to leave it alone before I wreck it again ._.

My money's on giant spider, btw.




Sun Oct 10, 2010, 9:45 PM

= =;


I haven't been here in a while. Sorry everybody, I haven't even been doing very much other than homework.. It will take some time to get things up and running again. So this is more or less a public service announcement: I'm not dead, i'm just.....

*runs really far away*

over here!!!

*runs back*


I want to draw something. But lately I don't know what to draw ^ ^;. I'm not sure why I'm talking about it either, I guess it's bothering me a lot. Normally I can at least make some kind of doodle, but lately, it's all strings and... wiggles.. and not much sense. I think I'm just all scrambled up.

Oo! I did make an animation for animation class, so there's that, and I'd like to post it at some point.

hrrrrr... homework.... *tired*

Anyway, sorry for the being dead. Winter break. I can has?


Mecha Con is ovarrrrr!

Tue Jul 20, 2010, 1:17 PM


I'm biased because I live down here, but... WHY IS IT OVER?! Mechacon was better than ever in the Big Easy, in a venue much more suited size-wise to how big it had been getting in Lafayette, aaaand my cat just jumped on my leg and erased my train of thought, GEEZE! (Journal posting in real time! Brought to you by the letter cat.)

Anyway it was great. It was wonderful meeting up with everybody again, and I'm really relieved that all of the bleedover commissions from last year finally found their rightful owners. Thanks again to everyone for your patience, that is never going to happen again. I definitely wasn't expecting it. But yes, thank you, thank you, thank you > <;

And on the subject of convention commissions, I tried on a new type of on-site commission at this year's show - Digital! It went very well, so I'll be offering that as an option at any show I'm able to bring my printing supplies to. For the win.

Thanks to everyone except that theif on Friday who came by our booth, we'll definitely be back next year with more prints and buttons and random antics. And possibly cosplay. We didn't get to dress up this year since we weren't sure about how that was gonna go with the walk between the hotels and all, but we're planning something potentially Avatar flavored (the Airbender kind, not the blue kind). I'm gearing up to work on a Touhou cosplay maself, but it's going to be a background project with schoolwork eating my life and all. I really wanna cosplay Hong Meiling if I can wrangle the time. <3


Sketch/process Blog!

Sat Jul 10, 2010, 11:45 AM

Every time I turn around I fall off the Deviantearth. I've been drawing pretty much non stop, but it's sort of becoming a traffic jam with everything going on at the same time. On top of that, I'm still preparing for Mechacon. If you're going, you better come say hi dangit!! Anyway about drawing all the time and having a lot of in progress work, I made something for you guys!

That's my process blog now. What that means is while I'm working on huge projects, I'll be posting the mid-phases and stages here, along with pictures and a WHOLE LOT OF WRITING about how everything comes together the way it does. It's sorta like a tutorial, but it's really more like an open record of the thought processes and behind the scenes bits and bobs that happen before finished pictures do. I just started realizing I sort of collect process, and maybe people might find that interesting or helpful. Or maybe they just wanna see sketches? WHO KNOWS!

The point is it's there now if you want to visit sometime. <3



Yes, im shamelessly plugging the endeavors of a friend of mine again. BUT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND.


Seriously, my inner Digimon fan is crying a little right now. Im getting one. It's going to be green and orange. Aside from sharing this because I think it's the coolest thing ever, I will also share her journal entry on how to obtain one of these sweet pieces of nostalgic anime goodness:…

Greatest thing in the whole universe?!?!? God this makes me wanna draw Shiro so, so bad. (old digimon chara and namesake)


Actually, on the subject of drawing things that harken back to the olden days when I knew five words of japanese and thought sailor moon was too naked to be a kids show, I'm working on revisiting a couple of my old concepts with new artins. So at some point, I may actually ACCIDENTALLY wind up making art of my own characters this summer. But not just any characters..

My old characters.


Okay maybe i'm the only one ever who gets excited about that, but old sketch pads and bare-bones beginnings are my favorite things to visit with. But seriously, I feel like the most I ever draw ever has been work for commission, or school, etc. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but I started feeling like man.. I need to go and make peace with some of my more neglected babies. So I will!.... After i'm done being happily distracted with everything else!


I might just be hopeless. But at least I'm happy : D


The A-kon 21.. IS OVER!

Mon Jun 7, 2010, 11:16 AM



poo. Well, now I have the post-con sads. I was really super impressed with the way the Alley ran this year, there was at all times water! Do you need some water? How are you on water? Does anybody need some water?! Looooooove.... Seriously, that was the best. So thanks to the awesome AA staff for taking care of us, and thanks to everybody who came by the table to say hiiiii!!!!

I still have some kinda weirdo flu sort of a thing. I haven't been able to eat a whole lot since friday, and all of my arms and legs are screaming at me for carrying too much and wearing shoes of an offensive height and structure. We did our costumes on Friday, which was also the day the down escalator quit working/was shut off. So I got a crash-course in decending stairs on superheels. But other than that, Team Galactic was a hit! We actually got to the show on Thursday, but there were not very many a people there yet it seemed.



Who once again SAVED MY LIFE, as she does at least fifty times any convention we work together at, this time by sharing her leftover grates with us, and giving us a way to display other than flat on the table. She also invited me along to help with the digital coloring panel on Friday, which I'm hoping I didn't murder horribly. I was sorta dressed like some kinda lady Gaga.

You know the last time I did a panel at A-kon, I was dressed like Orochimaru? I looked like I crawled out of a ditch, and I think they'd put me with webcomickers. I have no idea why I was there, it was very awkward, but hopefully extremely amusing.

Rabbit trail aside, we had a blast going over our coloring techniques and discussing important issues in digital coloring and printing, such as why too much color burn/dodge is not a good idea even if it looks fancy on your monitor, and "surprise magenta". Then we drew a comic about a T-rex shark, Twilight, one unicorn, and an airship, in about .... 8 minutes. For great justice!!!

Thank you Lori, from the bottom of my weird little heart <3. YOU COMPLETE ME!!!!!

We also had an awesome food interlude from :iconinuyatta:, who brought glorious gifts of bbq, rice, veggies, and kimchi. I love me some kimchi TO THE EXTREEEEEME!! So thanks so much you guys, hope to see you next year if the A-kon gods smile upon us somehow getting a table again!

I got to do a sweet prints trade with the fabulous :iconjohnyume:, and met back up with the rest of the A-kon Artists Alley friends... It really is more like some kind of best family reuinion ever, and I hope we can hang out next year too. I also met a new art friend, :iconcinnamoron: in the upstairs alley and purchased one of her fantastically beautiful prints,

June by Cinnamoron
-which I will place on my wall as soon as I'm back to school. I had the hardest time choosing between her artings because it was just great getting lost in them, no ledge is left unloved <3. I'm seriously inspired.


Back to work. There's still a lot to take care of before the next show, and a great huge piece of artwork for a very patient person who's been waiting a really long time for me to get back to him. I'm seriously excited to finally be able to sit still with it ;=;. But thank you everybody who helped make this show possible, successful, fun, awesome, and full of all the energy and light that colors the absurd world of anime conventions. See you next year!

Or.. at persacon : D